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3PC professional welding safety kit

This kit includes:

Welding helmet:

Filter(glass) diamension 108x50.8x5mm(4"x2"x0.2")

Filter weight 30g

Viewing Window 90x35mm(3-5/8"x1-3/8")

Switch Time 0.5ms

Shade 4/9-13

Ultraviolet Protection<0.001%(210-365 nm)

Infrard Protection<0.01%(780-2000nm)

Power Solar Cell with Lithium Battery

Operation temperature - 10℃--65℃

Filter approved by ANSI Z87.1

Warranty 2 year limited

Mask material Nylon

Welding apron

42" L x 25" W  Kevlar sewn

Welding gloves

14" L with cotton fleence lining, Kevlar seen